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Weekly zodiac predictions for the week start from 21 Feburary

Money given on loan will be recovered in this month. This month will give you mixed results especially for money related matters. Legal matters if pending in the court will be settled in your favor. Unexpected gain will be noticed in your business or job. Concern about your health and unwanted happening is seen. In the middle of the month financial crunch is seen. In the second week of this month the things will go in your favor and in your desired direction, which will give you mental satisfaction. Confrontation may evoke in the middle of month, with your family members or relatives. You will make journeys to other places, which will prove to be brightening your career. End of the month is not favorable for you as the beginning. Be careful from your enemies as they are active in the month end. All high officials in your industry will be happy from you. Your mental tensions will be on the mount but you will achieve the targets in the stipulated time.